Sherri was always available whenever something came up on either the end of a potential buyer or ourselves as vendor, worked with us to meet deadlines and totally understood that a senior (my dad, the vendor) can easily get panicked or worry. Everything was structured in such a way that he felt completely at ease and understood what was happening. We know that she worked very hard for us but kept the important details as simple as possible, guiding us through the process in a calm, clear and endearing manner. We felt comfortable with her right from the start.
My five-star ratings are legitimate and heartfelt. Sherri has served me both with the purchase of a home and, now, in selling another (as she has done for others I have referred her to). In both cases she went above and beyond in ensuring my best interests were met by providing frank and clear advice to inform me of the advantages and disadvantages of possible every course of action and of her considered opinions, and by being very responsive to changing circumstances every step of the way. Sherri is a professional, trustworthy real estate counselor who is easy to work with and, in my experience, gets the job done.
Although this was my first time buying and sellling at the same time since we had our first home built, I have to say we were beyond impressed when Sherri sold our house and secured the purchase of the new house in the same day! May I add that all happened within under 12 hours of being on the market. Sherri was there every step of the way with answers to all of our questions as well as to defend our interests when problems arose with the home we purchased as well as after we moved in. She negotiated an agreement which we could have never done on our own. I continue to tell everyone that you should never sell or buy on your own since you never know what could happen. I highly recommend Sherri's services to anyone looking to purchase a new home or to sell one.  
"Avec Sherri, je me suis sentie en confiance à toutes les étapes. J'ai bénéficié d'un service attentionné avant, pendant et après la vente de ma maison, ainsi que lors de l'achat de mon condo. Elle travaille avec rigueur et efficacité. Elle s'est aussi montrée d'une grande disponibilité et respectueuse de mes besoins. Je n'hésite pas à la recommander à toute personne désireuse de vendre ou d'acheter une propriété. " Je ne veux pas que tu mettes mon nom au complet, ne pas mettre mon nom de famille. Voilà et merci encore pour tout.  
We have been using Sherri to buy and sell properties for years. She is patient, understanding and always willing to bring me to see as many houses as I want with a smile. She has a wonderful way of helping you deal with all the stress involved in buying or selling real estate, terrific negotiating skills and she can find a way to calm even the most difficult situations. Thanks again Sherri
Just a short note to convey our most heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the support and dedication you have extended to both of us during our recent purchase of our "first home". You were always available to serve our needs, and responded to our calls promptly. As first home buyers, you insisted that no question was a silly question, and you were quick to respond to them. After having shown us many houses, and knowing that we were overwhelmed, you told us that "We would know when the right home for us would be". Again, you were right! Thank you for all that you have done for us. You are a great Agent to have on your side when a home owner requires one. Keep up the good work and congratulations on all that you have done for us and those you will continue to help in the future. We are thrilled with our new home!
Dear Mrs. Salette, Buying a new home is certainly one life event which comes with many questions and a certain level of stress and uncertainty. This is particularly true when you move from the quiet Nova Scotia to the busy city of Montreal. In our case, this experience was a very positive one with the support of an excellent realtor from your team, which led to the purchase of our new property in Beaconsfield. We  want  to  compliment  one  of  your  excellent  employees,  Mrs.  Sherri  Newman.  Sherri  has  been tremendously  helpful  all  along  the  different steps  of  this  long  process,  from  our  first  meeting  in December to the final signature this week. Always available, she provided an excellent support. Her knowledge  of the market  and the  area  of Beaconsfield was  a  great  help. We  also  appreciated  her continuous feedback, her technical advices and her ability to quickly collect missing information or find answers to our numerous questions. Last, but not least, she has a lot of positive energy to share and we found it comforting to have her on our side during this journey. Sherri’s credo is: “I am never too busy for you or your referrals!” This is perfectly true. Such service builds great working relationships. We will certainly recommend her to our acquaintances
Sherri, Just wanted to say thank you for all your help in the house hunting adventures we have had over the years. We are thrilled with our new home!  
Selling and buying can be one of the most stressful experiences someone can go through, but Sherri made this process such a positive experience. She communicates so well, you feel she’s there for you 24/7 (you wonder if she’s even sleeps at night as I feel she’s always quick to respond), she has contacts in the industry who are helpful and reputable, and if she doesn’t know the answer to something, she finds out for you in such a timely fashion. I would recommend anyone to use Sherri as their agent, and hope friends and family who need an agent use her.
Our experience with Sherri was an exceptional one. Her attention to detail and reading people is amazing. She is by far the best in customer service, she goes above and beyond for her clients. Over the years we have become more like friends than business acquaintances. Our transaction had gone through in 2012 and we still keep in contact. Thank you for being there and for being YOU!!
"Remember, I am still here if you need anything." This was what Sherri told me when my offer to the property was accepted. I didn't expect it was a serious promise. But Sherri did make it. Sherri not only helps us on the purchasing, she also cares about the long term relationship with customers.
When I decided to sell my house, last Spring, I chose Sherri Newman to help make this happen. It turned out to be an excellent decision. From our first meeting , it was apparent that I was dealing with someone who listened to my input and allowed me to be a partner in the sale of my home. Sherri proved to be a very hard worker, who was willing to be available at all times. This was always done with good humour and unfailing pleasantness. The house sold very quickly and at a price that was satisfactory to both buyer and vendor.The follow-up arrangements were handled smoothly and efficiently. The whole experience with Sherri was pleasant and positive. I, further enlisted her help in buying my current home. Should I decide on another move, Sherri Newman will be my agent of choice.
Grâce en grande partie à l’aide mon agente, Sherri Newman,la vente de ma maison s’est effectuée rapidement et à un prix avantageux en février 2013. Sherri a pris le temps d’évaluer le marché immobilier de mon quartier et m’a suggéré un prix de vente au delà de mes attentes. Dès notre première rencontre elle a su créér un climat de confiance et d’ouverture au dialogue qui s’est poursuivi durant toutes le étapes de la vente. Elle ne met pas de pression, elle est très disponible et travaille très fort. Elle a eu recours à un ‘home stager’ pour épurer le décor intérieur. Par la suite, elle a engagé un photographe professionnel qui a fait de superbes photos. Dès la mise en vente, j’ai eu énormément de visites et Sherri s’occupait de tout. J’ai eu 2 offres d’achat le même jour au bout de 10 jours. Par la suite, il y a eu tout le processus d’inspection, de promesse d’achat, de date d’occupation durant lequel l’aide de Sherri a été tout simplement inestimable. Je la recommande sans aucune hésitation,
Lorsque nous nous sommes mis à la recherche d'une maison voici quelques années, nous allions dans un secteur de la ville qui nous était inconnu. Heureusement, nous avons eu la chance de rencontrer par hasard, lors d'une visite, Sherri qui nous a alors demandé avec délicatesse si nous avions un agent pour nous aider dans notre choix et nos démarches, ce que nous n'avions pas, croyant pouvoir nous en sortir très bien seuls. Elle s'est alors offerte et nous a discrètement demandé nos goûts et nous a observés lors de nos différentes visites et a ainsi réussi à se faire une excellente idée de ce que nous recherchions, non seulement comme maison, mais aussi comme environnement et alors que nous hésitions à plusieurs reprises sur certaines maisons, elle nous a clairement indiqué quels seraient les désavantages de faire tel ou tel autre achat alors même que cela était à son détriment en tant qu'agente, mais elle a toujours visé notre pleine et entière satisfaction, au point ou nous étions prêts à acheter même si ce n'était pas vraiment selon nos attentes mais elle nous a encouragé malgré notre fatigue à poursuivre les recherches sachant pertinemment que nous ne serions pas vraiment satisfait de ce que nous avions trouvé jusque là. Et elle a eu entièrement raison, car peu de temps après, nous avons trouvé exactement ce que nous cherchions, tant en tant que maison que quartier.Grâce à ses commentaires francs et judicieux et surtout sa personnalité chaleureuse, son humour et sa bonne humeur, elle a rendu un processus stressant plutôt agréable et beaucoup moins difficile pour nous. Elle nous a aussi facilité grandement, grâce à ses connaissances et ses contacts, les démarches parfois pénibles pour l'achat et nous a soutenus tout au long de ces différentes étapes. En fait à la fin du processus nous avions l'impression vraie d'avoir plus une nouvelle amie qu'une agente!
Dear Sherri, Many, many thanks for all of your help, care and encouragement during my hectic year of buying and selling. Just knowing you were there for the calling has been a tremendous cushion of safety.  
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